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Scott Quilter

Scott, brings over two decades of experience in transforming government, education, business, and enterprise by evolving the way they use Technology. A recognised figure in the tech community, Scott dedicates himself to improving how companies integrate and utilise technology, streamlining processes, and fostering efficiency.

Beyond the business sphere, Scott is a committed educator and community advocate. He regularly shares his knowledge as a subject matter expert at events, making technical concepts easy to understand and jargon-free, focusing on the practical application of AI, the cloud, and modern technology to solve real-world challenges.

At Techosaurus, Scott provides strategic technical consultancy aimed at empowering businesses to get the absolute most from technology. His approach is focused on delivering solutions that enhance work-life balance and make technology an asset for every client.

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Ellie Quilter

Meet Ellie, the financial whizz and organisational backbone of Techosaurus. She’s the one making sure our tech ship sails smoothly, juggling the books, spearheading projects, and steering our social media.

Before jumping into the Techosaurus adventure, Ellie spent nearly two decades in the education sector, with a special focus on SEN. From teaching to managing exams in a special needs school, Ellie’s journey has been all about support, structure, and making a difference – values she brings to Techosaurus every day.

With Ellie’s keen eye for detail and Scott’s tech wizardry, Techosaurus is more than just a business – it’s a family affair where tech meets heart. Ellie’s unique blend of organisational prowess, educational experience, and tech exposure (thanks to Scott’s non-stop tech chatter!) makes her the perfect co-pilot in our quest to make your tech experiences better, smoother, and less daunting.

What our customers say about us

Please feel free to scroll through these reviews from people that have worked with us at Techosaurus.

We have always been extremely grateful of the service we have received over the years. No matter how small or large our IT issue maybe, we feel they are always dealt with in an efficient and professional way. For our business it like having our own IT department that knows us and our IT requirements. We value the true personal approach you take towards our business.
I was recommended Scott around 6 years ago when I was setting up a new business and I needed help, advice and guidance with the new online presence, mainly around websites, company emails and SEO. Since then he is the guy I go to whenever I have a tech issue. He has solved every problem I have ever gone to him with and does so with great professionalism, total honesty and the ability to explain more complex challenges in a way a novice can understand. I cannot recommend this guy highly enough.
Scott is a very experienced IT guru who has helped us out on many occasions. Notably, we had to do some work on an animation and remove some out of date branding. Scott took this on and within a very short time had completed the project, exceeding our expectations. I would recommend Scott Quilter to anyone!
Scott is a brilliant person to work with – he listens, and gets, even your most poor attempts at trying to explain what website/database changes you need, or ideas you may have! He has helped our small charity out no end and we are hugely grateful for all that he has done – even producing new software he’s developed at the 11th hour to get us out of a sticky situation. Scott is diligent, hard-working, but also good fun and there’s plenty of humour along the way. Thanks for all you’ve done, and continue to do, for us Scott!

Scott is a proactive, professional and capable IT professional who listens carefully. A rare talent in my experience. He has helped us define an IT strategy and is helping us to implement it pragmatically. He is effective because he listens, understands and recommends; in that order.

Scott has been our I.T. expert for several years now. Scott has set up our company network, including web pages, emails and links. We have limited knowledge of the world of computers and its workings ( it’s an age thing!) But Scott can interpret our wishes and turn them into practical solutions. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott he does an excellent job for us.
Scott is an extremely capable and dedicated IT professional. He has strong analytical and communication skills which are further enhanced by his solid technical background and his enthusiasm for learning. Scott works extremely well with clients adapting the analysis and communication techniques in order to achieve the business objective.
Scott has spoken at a couple of our Somerset Ladies in Business networking meetings now on Cyber security and warfare. He has a fabulous presentation and makes what could be a dull but necessary organisational subject really interesting and enjoyable. He presents well, demonstrating his obvious professional and extensive knowledge, interacts with the audience and has a great sense of humour. I would definitely recommend him to speak at any group.

In his position as IT Customer Support to our Business, Scott has proven to be a tremendous asset. He is experienced in managing complex programs with consistent, successful results. He is a great manager of details and his expertise in web development, content management and documentation is an asset for a range of scale projects.
Scott is friendly, knowledgable and pragmatic – even when we thought we knew what we wanted – Scotty would identify angles we’d not even considered that were often even better and more ‘future-proofed’ solutions than we’d initially set our sights on. He was always conscious to deliver the best value and in doing so added a lot of value himself.

If you have worked with us before and would like to add your own please visit this link.

Part of the Tech Community


Techosaurus is part of the CompTIA family, the world’s leading tech association where service providers and solution vendors unite. Scott’s not just a member; he’s an Industry Education Expert Instructor with CompTIA, leading the charge on courses from hybrid workforce management to tackling technical sales objections. Being part of this global network keeps us at the cutting edge – exactly where we like to be.

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We’re not just members of Collab365; we’re platinum members, contributors, and proud affiliates. What does that mean for you? Not only are we in the thick of this global tech community, sharing knowledge and innovations, but we can also hook you up with a cool 10% discount by using the code "TECHOSAURUS". Talk about insider perks!

Digital Hub Yeovil

At Techosaurus, we’re all about fostering community growth and knowledge sharing, which is why we’re thrilled to co-host the Digital Hub Yeovil event alongside the Yeovil Chamber. Held bi-monthly, this gathering is designed for everyone – not just the tech aficionados. Our aim? To demystify the latest tech trends and offer practical advice on leveraging modern technology to its fullest, all within an engaging and collaborative environment.

These events are a testament to our commitment to giving back to the community, offering a platform for a growing network of peers eager to support each other. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just tech-curious, join us at Digital Hub Yeovil for insightful, real-world tech guidance and become part of a thriving local network.

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Scott Quilter - Digital Evolutionist | Techosaurus


Dive into the digital age with Scott’s "Digital Evolutionist" YouTube channel, where tech meets clarity. It’s all about sharing top-notch productivity hacks and evolutionary tech advice, making your digital life as breezy as a walk in the park. Subscribe for a regular dose of how to make technology work for you, not against you.

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